“Jenny is an exceptional consultant in community research projects, with extensive experience supporting marginalized groups. As part of a federally-funded community-based study, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside Jenny who was an excellent collaborator in an academic-community partnership. Jenny’s contributions were critical across each phase – from funding to knowledge translation. The team felt extremely fortunate to work with Jenny, and we look forward to collaborating with her again on future projects.”

Kathleen Sitter, PhD
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Work | University of Calgary
Adjunct Professor, Community Health and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine | Memorial University

“It is rare in a career that you come across someone who can actually turn visions into reality. Jenny Wright is that someone. In my work as a community activist and politician I have seen Jenny’s incredible leadership and facilitation skills.  She motivates and inspires people and organizations to work together, to collaborate, to create alliances and innovative projects. She is clear, articulate, strategic and incredibly successful in actually making things happen!

Jenny is a powerful speaker with an amazing skill to teach, to motivate and to inspire.  She is fierce and fearless and yet works with passion and compassion.”

Gerry Rogers
Former NDP MHA St. John’s Centre and Leader of the New Democratic Party of Newfoundland and Labrador

“Working with Jenny Wright has been an absolute pleasure and an adventure. We are able to discuss anything under the sun, debate out differences of opinion, educate one another on facts, and both come out shining. Jenny carries with her a true spirit and understanding of Reconciliation — and it’s refreshing that she is truly open and safe to discuss the Truths behind Reconciliation, as well. A very worldly personality and a desire to understand others, Jenny is an asset to every project/organization in which she is involved. She is a sincere ally and understands the importance of consulting with Elders and other Knowledge Keepers. I look forward to seeing more amazing differences that Jenny will make in the world.”

Amelia Reimer, Cultural Support Worker, First Light Friendship Centre
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