In my  25+ years working in communities, predominantly with non-profit organizations, I have become an advocate, public speaker, and educator and can tailor to the needs of organizations, businesses and government representatives for speaking engagements and workshops. I offer a sliding scale for upcoming projects, grassroots work, and non-profits.

Speaking Engagements


  • Histories of feminism in Canada
  • Feminist movements
  • Understanding intersectional feminism beyond the waves
  • Feminist narrative therapy and single session counselling

Women and Politics

  • Exploring barriers to women in politics historically and today
  • Societal and media perceptions of women in leadership
  • Strategies for engaging women in politics

Women’s Rights

  • Meaningfully including women from the margins
  • Dismantling of child protection in Canada
  • Women in systems and navigating systems
  • Trauma and recovery, from a personal narrative (living after trauma)
  • Supportive transitional housing and emergency shelters for women


  • How to run an organization 101 – feminist advocacy, housing and homeless, child and youth advocacy
  • Growing your idea into an organization
  • Accountability from the top down
  • Women in politics
  • Media training and coach
  • Inclusive policies and procedures

Being an Ally

  • Working with survivors of all genders of sexual violence
  • Moving beyond what we think we know, working to centre communities from the margins
  • Working with Indigenous communities as settlers
  • Supporting 2SLGBTQI communities
  • Men being better allies around violence against women
  • Mental health and addictions
  • Supporting our youth

Workshops and Training

Capacity Building

  • Branding, workplace culture and managing transition in non-profits
  • Balancing advocacy and lobbying from the margins
  • Letting leaders lead while retaining and nurturing talent
  • Crisis intervention and conflict resolution, in policies and in workplace culture
  • Working with limited resources and building up

Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness

  • Bystander intervention
  • Safe bar training

Trauma, Burn Out, and Self Care in Community Work

  • Understanding trauma from a feminist perspective
  • Burnout, compassion fatigue, and self care in front line staff and creating a culture of support
  • Strengthening boundaries with front line staff and marginalized communities

Non-profit Management and Governance

  • Performance evaluations for in non-profit organizations
  • Supervision on the front lines
  • Board governance and development
  • Calling in and holding ourselves accountable
  • Culturally competent anti-violence work
  • Bridging research and community work – working with academic institutions to promote community engagement and research on the ground


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